Agacia Land is a innovative and integrated property development and strategic investment company. We bring new concepts and designs to the areas of our developments. Unique western layout and development concepts are the prominent features in each Agacia Land’s projects.

Thoughtful details to quality in both the interiors and exteriors of the designs are characteristics of our boutique developments. 

Agacia Land is not just building properties, we are building a dream and a brand that is synonym to bold concepts and designs.






Rising high in the sky near University Square, a fairy tale-like castle will soon be hammered into shape, welcoming you to a magical world. Boasting soaring spires, ornate turrets and regal royal-blue rooftops, the castle will invoke both the magic and mystery of real-world castles to provide perfect picture-taking opportunites from nearly every angle. Get ready to feel like the hero or heroine of your own storybook adventure upon its completion.




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GL 21 Block D, Ground Floor, Kelana Square, No.17 Jalan SS 7/26, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia





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